This historic 360-GT, chassis #2010, was assembled by Ferrari/Michelotto

Never raced again after 2003, but has since been highly detailed and restored with engine and gearbox rebuilt. It has been demonstrated at some special events, with limited running time. The condition is spectacular for a collector and not typical of used race cars. Importantly the car was further developed, in conjunction with Michelotto, with a much more reliable and durable Michelotto/Hewland gearbox with sequential shift. This car has played a significant part in Ferraris FIA GT victory records, is eligible for many events around the world, and is a piece of choice for any race car collector. Entirely revised, Race ready.

Car is currently fitted with Michelotto / Veloqx spec engine #27, and Michelotto option Ferrari / Hewland NLT gearbox as raced.

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