1994 F40 GTE s/n 94362 is one of only seven cars built by Michelotto. This F40 GTE was race prepared to F40 GT specifications by Michelotto in late 1992-early 1993 and raced in most of the 1993 Italian GT Championship finishing 6th overall. In 1994 F40 GT s/n 94362 raced the full Italian GT Championship winning at Vallelunga, Varano, again at Vallelunga and at the last race in Misano, finishing 1st overall in the 1994 Italian GT Championship with Vittorio Colombo at the wheel.

F40 GTE s/n 94362 has a long and impressive race history, and is one of only two F40 race cars to win an FIA Championship. The ultimate weapon for those who want a very serious Ferrari for the collection or for the track.