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Race Preparation

When you decide to go racing, Maranello Motorsport can support you all the way to the top step of the podium.

When you decide to go racing, Maranello Motorsport can support you all the way to the top step of the podium of the Australian GT Championship, if you’re good enough. Racing is a multi-faceted skill that involves as much thinking as it does quick reflexes, and our instructors can instill in you that winning mind-set.

Some Track Day regulars are now racing in the Australian GT Championship in Maranello Motorsport-run cars, including Peter Edwards. “Peter went through the Maranello driver training system and started racing a 360 Challenge then graduated to a 430 GT3, which is a weapon,” Bowe recalls.

Edwards has high praise for Maranello Motorsport and ended up with a pretty handy co-driver at the 2011 Bathurst 12-Hour.

“I never ever expected to be racing at Bathurst, let alone in a Ferrari with John Bowe, who’s a legend. I went to one Track Day to hone my skills a bit but I learnt so much on that first day that I decided to do more Track Days.

“The logical step was to put what I learned into practice on the track and challenge myself. My business life is pretty hectic and I don’t have much time off, but JB (Bowe) and the guys at Maranello made it so easy and the next thing I knew I was on the grid at Bathurst! I’d recommend doing a Track Day to anyone.”

Track Days

A Maranello Motorsport Track Day is like no school you've ever been to before.

“With the massive over-policing on our roads, you might as well drive around in an Fiat 500 these days,” laments touring car legend John Bowe. And he’s right.

The only downside to owning a Ferrari in Australia is there are no roads where you can legally exploit the cars’ awesome power and vice-grip handling. So, Maranello Motorsport runs exclusive Tracks Days for small select groups of individuals in a professionally-controlled environment, with privacy assured.

You just arrive and drive, we do everything. We prepare the cars, handle all logistics , provide pit facilities, safety services and technicians; everything to ensure you have an exhilarating experience you’ll want to repeat over and over.

Our instructors can calmly turn a nervous novice into an focused driver in one day then build on those skills at future track days. With relaxed one-on-one tuition, you will quickly learn the secrets of driving like a champion and your skill and confidence will improve every time you strap into our racecars.

“I’m part of a great team that includes V8 Supercar drivers Jason Bright, Cam McConville and Fabian Coulthard,” says Bowe, who first sits alongside clients  on Track Days to assess their abilities then shows them what a race-prepped Ferrari can do. It never ceases to thrill. Then it’s your turn.

“Our clients are usually competent to start with but skill levels vary and all want to become better drivers,” Bowe says. “Most driver’s skills will improve massively on their first few Track Days. With serious one-on-one tuition backed up by data acquisition, performances can be analysed on computers in the pits with engineers, just like we would in any professional team.

“If you like cars, a Maranello Motorsport Track Day is an enjoyable experience and all the Maranello Motorsport guys are great to work with. For most clients it’s a real eye-opener; they can’t believe a track day can be so much fun and yet still learn so much.”

A Maranello Motorsport Track Day is like no school you’ve ever been to before.

Track days are held regularly at Australia’s greatest circuits such as Bathurst, Phillip Island, Sandown and Eastern Creek.

Event Calendar

Keep up to date with Maranello Motorsport's upcoming events.

14th - 17th March, 2019

Australian GT Championship - Round 1
Australian F1 Grand Prix, Albert Park

2nd - 4th May, 2019

Australian GT Championship - Round 2
Barbagallo Raceway, Western Australia

7th - 8th June, 2019

Australian GT Championship - Round 3
Phillip Island, Victoria

12th - 13th July, 2019

Australian GT Championship - Round 4
The Bend Motorsport Park, South Australia

20th - 21st September, 2019

Australian GT Championship - Round 5
Sandown, Victoria

25th - 27th October, 2019

Australian GT Championship - Round 6
Gold Coast, Queensland

8th - 10th November, 2019

Australian GT Championship - Round 7
Sandown, Victoria

28th November - 1st December, 2019

Pirelli AGT Supersprint
Mount Panorama, Bathurst NSW